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Quaker Chemical's Technical Center Supports Advances in Metalworking Technology

A Strategic Approach to Meet the Changing Needs of Metalworking Fluids Industry

CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa., April 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- In recent years, metalworking fluid suppliers have been challenged to meet evolving trends, from increased regulatory activity to lighter weight material requirements for the automotive industry.  As a result, metalworking suppliers heavily invest in developing, formulating and improving new and innovative fluid technology.

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Considered a complex lubricant, metalworking fluid technology has made significant advancements in recent years. The advancements are so specific, that even having the proper cutting fluid recommended for a particular machining process can dramatically increase efficiency and productivity. Understanding how each component of the metalworking fluid technology is interrelated is critical to a strong metalworking process. A metalworking supplier that not only has technical knowledge and a dedicated laboratory, but also the capabilities to replicate and study the metal removal process using Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machines allows for a crucial industry advantage.

Quaker Chemical Corporation (NYSE: KWR), a global leader in process fluids, has a network of in-house CNC machining centers in technical hubs in U.S., Europe, Asia and South America. These laboratories are equipped with various vertical machining centers instrumented to provide critical data regarding the quality of the machining process.  Supported by extensive worldwide research, technical expertise and hands on experience, Quaker fully utilizes its Global Technology Centers to develop and test its metalworking fluids through challenging machining operations similar to those performed by its customers. Quaker also collaborates with customers, universities and trade associations on various machining projects to develop optimized processes through careful consideration of elements including machining parameters, tooling, fluid and fluid delivery systems.

"Whether it is maximizing fluid performance or developing new technologies for machining next generation material, our global technical center capabilities and expertise enable us to take that first step to a better understanding of our customer's needs," states Johan Hooyman, R&D Global Director of R&D.

An on-site CNC machining capability is Quaker's strategic approach to serving the metalworking market through development of new metalworking technology, in-house R&D testing, comparison of competitive products and recommendations or changes to formulations based on data-driven matrices.  As metalworking fluid technology evolves, these facilities enable Quaker to study the use of its products in different operating conditions and to measure their performance on key operational parameters, such as cutting forces and energy, tool wear rates, machined surface quality, and machining vibrations and chatter.  With an ability to replicate real-life industry applications across a wide range of environments, Quaker has an in-depth understanding of the operational challenges of its customers and can deliver a number of effective technological innovations in new or difficult-to-machine areas. These areas include Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI) machining, valve seat machining, high speed aluminium machining, and Mapal reaming.

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Quaker Chemical Corporation is a leading global provider of process fluids, chemical specialties, services, and technical expertise to a wide range of industries, including steel, aluminum, automotive, mining, aerospace, tube and pipe, cans and others. For nearly 100 years, Quaker has helped customers around the world achieve production efficiency, improve product quality, and lower costs through a combination of innovative technology, process knowledge, and customized services. Headquartered in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, USA, Quaker serves businesses worldwide with a network of dedicated and experienced professionals whose mission is to make a difference. Visit to learn more.

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