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News Release

Quaker Chemical Coolant Serves up Significant Cost Savings

Switching to QUAKERAL(R) 381 SD improves customer's Aluminum Machining

CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa., June 22, 2010 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ --After winning the Chemical Management Services contract for a major automotive powertrain manufacturer, Quaker Chemical changed the customer's soluble oil coolant technology to a more advanced metalworking fluid, QUAKERAL(R) 381 SD, for the machining and grinding of 380 Aluminum alloy components. The performance impacts were instantaneous. The quantified improvements reduced the customer's total chemical spend by over 50%, improved overall productivity, decreased downtime and improved long-term health and safety concerns.

Drawing upon years of coolant formulating knowledge and automotive industry best practices, QUAKERAL(R) 381 SD was uniquely designed to deliver numerous performance benefits to the customer, offering a harmonic balance between product and process. QUAKERAL(R) 381 SD is a high-performance, emulsifiable metalworking fluid designed for heavy-duty aluminum machining and grinding operations that require a high degree of lubricity, cleanliness, cooling and corrosion protection. Its superior coolant technology and attributes were able to address a number of issues with performance, downtime and cost. The conversion to QUAKERAL(R) 381 SD not only provided this customer approximately $22,000 in annual chemical cost savings, but more specifically, improved microbiological/ mycobacteria/fungal resistance, increased emulsion stability and corrosion protection, decreased waste treatment costs and manpower hours, and improved tool life in their aluminum machining process.

This documented case study is just one example of how Quaker Chemical partners with customers to improve their efficiencies and lower metalworking fluid-related costs. For more information on Quaker Chemical, and its full product line offerings including Chemical Management Services, please visit

Quaker Chemical Corporation is a leading global provider of process chemicals, chemical specialties, services, and technical expertise to a wide range of industries -- including can, steel, automotive, tube and pipe, coatings and construction materials. Quaker's products and chemical management services enhance their customers' processes, improve their product quality, and lower their costs. Quaker's headquarters is located in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania.

SOURCE Quaker Chemical Corporation